August 18th, 2010




If you want to host our projects, please set member/friend only.

- It means if you share our projects in your website/blog, please set for friend only (no public), same for forum, just member only can see projects.
- Current staffs only can post our projects in AArin. It seems i'm only one post it, so please notice.
- No Youtube & P2P program (like eMule), please.
Because Youtube doesn't have private section so: From now on, please don't upload any new video. Video was uploaded before today, you can keep; but if it was removed for some reasons, you can't upload it again. Including all languages. I don't care which language, as long as that doujin is Decimo Luce's project, it wasn't allowed.
- Do not share our projects have over 50 pages. If you want to share, please direct link to our website.
- If anyone know our projects was shared in public, please report to me.

By the way, please support artist by buying one copy if you can.
I just do scanlation for preview, for persons who don't know japanese/chinese to understand. It'll better if you own real book.