Glass Moon (hanashiki) wrote in decimoluce,
Glass Moon

Happy birthday to Gokudera 09-09-2009

I'm so sorry i can't release any projects in Goku's birthday. I finished 1 project for today but my network can't upload, i tried many times (even many hosts) but failed. I can't waste time like this, so I just want to say:
It's beautiful day and nice numbers, three numbers 9, i guess it's lucky day but i'm not lucky in today >_< .
Today is rainy day in my country, rain in Goku's birthday. I remember it was rainy day in last year too. Rainstorm is awesome ^^
I promise I'll release projects later, many projects.

By the way, please vote for 2 polls of 8059 anthology. Any information about 8059 anthology, i'll inform you guys in October, and now just vote ^^

About poll 1 has 2 answers for you choose.
- Read online: You can read anthology immediately (no spend time to download), bigger version, but you must save every pictures (or can't save) '___'
- Download: You'll spend awhile for downloading, and it's heavy, smaller version but it's more convenient (not save every pictures, you can save it in your computer).

Poll 1 (Click here if you can't see poll)

Poll 2 (Click here if you can't see poll)
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